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NET PRICES FOR TRADE PARTNERS - Jan 2010 - validity 2010 (unless exceptional raw material deviation)

12NC Comm.Cod. Image Description Notes SQ Sub Pack
481281719482 ECO105 Image ECOLOGY DESCALER CLEANER A new and ecological formula that eliminates limescale deposits on all surfaces like stainless steel, plastic, chrome, taps and bathroom fittings. It cleans and prevents limescale deposits. ECO-LABEL certified. 1 6
481281719483 EC0101 Image ECOLOGY FRIDGE CLEANER A unique cleaner that eliminates food residues and odours in your refrigerator. The ecological formula is environmental friendly. ECO-LABEL certified. 1 6
481281719478 EC0102 Image ECOLOGY INOX CLEANER Specific formula which maintains the brightness of your surfaces and makes stainless steel shine, providing a protective water resistant film that prevents stains and spots. 1 6
481281719481 EC0104 Image ECOLOGY MULTIUSE CLEANER A universal and ecological cleaner that drastically removes all dirt and grease on all surfaces: working places, hoods, grilles, glass surfaces, appliances. ECO-LABEL certified. 1 6
481281719477 EC0103 Image ECOLOGY VITRO CLEANER Exclusive formula to effectively clean induction, glass ceramic and glass hobs. It also safeguards your appliances by leaving a protective film without scratching. 1 6
481281719479 EC0106 Image ECOLOGY MCW CLEANER Professional solution to thoroughly get rid of greasy deposits and undesirable odours within your microwave. It can be use both inside and outside your appliance. Deodorizing formula. 1 6
480181700314 UNC006 Image TERRABIANCA The Terra bianca is a new and natural cleaning formula that cleans, polishes and protects all surfaces. It comes with its own double-sided sponge: one soft side and one scraper side. Perfectly suitable to clean and degrease also tiles, taps, cars, boat .. 1 12
481281719201 KCM001 Image EXPRESSO O2 Express O2 is an active oxygen based formula, specially designed to remove grease and limescale from automatic or disc coffee makers and expresso machines. Contains 4 cleaning blocks and 4 descaling bags. 1 36
481281719293 TAB002 Image POWER-PRO DW TABS ALL IN 1 All in 1 tables grant excellent cleaning results: they degrease dishes perfectly and remove even hard to shift deposits; thanks to the rinse-aid effect, they leave sparkling and gleaming dishes; with the salt function: they remove limescale deposits on your dishes; the glass protection effect prevents glass corrosion. Efficient already at 40C eco program, providing excellent cleaning results with minimum water and electricity consumption. Very practical and safe as the water soluble pouch prevents contact with the skin and reduces the need for wasteful extra packaging. 1 5
481281719427 DES002 Image POWER-PRO DESCALER Eliminates limescale deposits. Optimises performance and prolongs the life of the appliances. Descaling is recommended every 6 months. Formula approved by the professionals and 99% biodegradable. 1 12

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