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NET PRICES FOR TRADE PARTNERS - Jan 2010 - validity 2010 (unless exceptional raw material deviation)

12NC Comm.Cod. Image Description Notes SQ Sub Pack
481281719431 DDG002 Image POWER-PRO DEGREASER Eliminates limescale deposits. Optimises performance and prolongs the life of the appliances. Descaling is recommended every 6 months. Formula approved by the professionals and 99% biodegradable. 1 12
481281718847 DWD010 Image DISH WASHER DEODORISER (Lemon and Citrus Fruit) The new WPRO Citrus Deo eliminates bad smells from your dishwasher, leaving a pleasant lemon perfume. All the unpleasant smells caused by dirty plates, cutlery and glasses are eliminated and replaced by a fresh smell which lasts throughout the day into your dishwasher. Parfum lemon & citrus fruit options. It works for 2 months. Non-toxic product. 1 63
481281719455 FCS300 Image ACTIVE RANGE FRIDGE CLEANER SPRY 500ML Eliminates marks and food residues leaving a pleasant lemon smell in the fridge or freezer. Its formula helps to fight against the risks of listeria. 1 12
481281719456 CMD300 Image COFEE MACHINE DESCALER 205ML Effective removal of limescale deposits. Restores the machines optimum performance and prolongs its life. Food quality. Also suitable for descaling containers with limescale stains: casserole dishes, vases. 1 12
481281718101 DEF002 Image DEFROST AEROSOL 400ML Eliminates quickly and easily ice deposits in the fridge and the freezer, saving your time when doing the defrosting of your appliance. Protects the ozone layer. 1 6
481281719457 SSC300 Image INOX CLEANER CREAM 250ML Cleans, protects and shines stainless steel surfaces by laying down a protective water-resistant film that prevents marks. Does not scratch. 1 12
481281719458 IRD300 Image IRON DESCALER 250ML Eliminates all limescale deposits and makes ironing easier. It restores the irons Eliminates all limescale deposits and makes ironing easier. It restores the irons sole plates. 1 12
481281719454 ODS300 Image OVEN, GRILLS COOKER HOODS DEGREASER SPRY 500ML. Eliminates encrusted grease from hot or cold ovens. Contains caustic soda. Ideal for hobs, barbecues, rotisseries, cooker hood interiors, wood burning stoves. 1 12
481281719459 VCC300 Image VITRO CLEANER CREAM 250ML Cleans induction, glass ceramic and glass hobs effectively and without scratching. Leaves a protective film that prevents marks for a lasting shine. 1 12
481281719468 MWC300 Image MWO CLEANER SPRAY 500ML Removes grease deposits and deodorizes the microwave. Decontaminating formula helps to fight bacteria. 1 12

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