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NET PRICES FOR TRADE PARTNERS - Jan 2010 - validity 2010 (unless exceptional raw material deviation)

12NC Comm.Cod. Image Description Notes SQ Sub Pack
481281719438 SIM100 Image STEAM GENEARTORS DESCALER (5 CARTRIDGES) Prevents the formation of limescale and prolongs the life of the steam generator iron. Improves the quality and quantity of steam, reduces energy consumption. Equally suitable for traditional steam irons and other steam generators. 5 single use packets. 5 20
480131000013 INX002 Image STAINLESS STEEL KIT(CREAM CLEANER + STAINLESS STEEL POLISH + MICROFIBER TISSUE) The Wpro Kit is the ideal solution to clean and protect effectively all your stainless steel surfaces.It contains a polish Inox Aerosol 400ml, a Scotch Brite Microfi ber from 3M, and a Stainless steel Cream 250ml. 1 0
480131000008 COL001 Image COOLING KIT (FRIDG CLEANER + THERMOMETER+ BLUE LEMON ODOUR ABSORBER) The Cooling kit is essential to make your fridge work safely and efficiently. It contains a blue lemon deodoriser, a fridge/freezer thermometer and a fridge cleaner. 1 0
481281718112 ACS002 Image AC SPRAY Eliminates unpleasant smells and contributes to sanitize air-conditioning systems. Fights against the risks of allergies. Equally suitable for fridges, drinks machines and car air conditioning. Protects the ozone layer. 1 6
481281719361 SSC200 Image INOX CREANER SPRAY Cleans, protects and shines stainless steel surfaces by laying down a protective water-resistant film that prevents marks. Does not scratch. 1 12
481281719358 VCS200 Image VITRO CREAM CLEANER SPRAY Cleans induction, glass ceramic and glass hobs effectively and without scratching. Leaves a protective film that prevents marks for a lasting shine. 1 12
481281718493 SKS001 Image STAKING KIT WITH SLIDE OUT SHELF Quick and easy to install, the Wpro tower Kit stabilizes your tumble dryer above your washing machine in complete safet. Practical, with its sliding shelf you can load and unload your tumble dryer without bending or use it to fold your washing. Its universal and fits all 60x60 cm appliances. 1 0
481281719371 TROL01 Image TROLLEY FRONT LOAD The Wpro Appliance trolley is a Multi use solution for all heavy appliances: refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher with a maximum load of 250 kg. 1 0
481281729566 SOC001 Image PEDESTAL Ergonomic design, it allows you to load and unload your frontloader washing machines or dryer without bending. Applicable to all brands. It has been studied for all the spinning speeds to elinimate possible vibrations. Very robust: up to 200 Kg. 0 0

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