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NET PRICES FOR TRADE PARTNERS - Jan 2010 - validity 2010 (unless exceptional raw material deviation)

12NC Comm.Cod. Image Description Notes SQ Sub Pack
481281718845 SKA001 Image SHOCK ADSORBERS 4 Shock Absorbing pads, to avoid the vibrations caused by the friction of your household appliances on the fl oor,Also protect your wooden floos and tiles from scratches, They fit all domestic appliances. 1 36
481981728645 FIL009 Image WASHING NET 60X60mm 4KG Protects your delicate clothes in the washing machine. Handy zip fastening. 1 10
481281718408 FIL006 Image WASHING NET 50X40mm 3KG Protects your delicate clothes in the washing machine. Handy zip fastening. 1 10
481281718694 FIL007 Image 2 WASHING NETS (60X60mm 4KG & 50X40mm 3KG) Protects your delicate clothes in the washing machine. Handy zip fastening. 1 10
481281718414 Image WASHING NET 20X30mm 1 10
481281719132 WAS100 Image WASHING NET FOR UNDER WEAR Only dedicated to wash your underwear the pocket helps you to protect the sensitive clothes. 1 12
481281729149 UCD001 Image CONDENSER FOR DRYER Simple to use, it helps to prevent dust deposits on walls and reduces condensation in the drum. 1 6
481281719324 TIM001 Image TIMESTRIP Timestrip is the worlds fi rst visual alarm clock useful for monitoring storage of perishable items. It measures how long food has been kept in the freezer under normal freezing conditions (-18C). Its special design allows the time indicator to go faster if the preservation temperature is too high, thus giving effectively an equivalent time as if preserved at the right temperature. Timestrip ensures best quality and freshness and stops you throwing out food as it is easy to see which food will be out of date fi rst. 1 48
481281718629 USC100 Image US REFILL CARTRIDGE (adaptable Samsung) Universal water filter for US Fridge adaptable for Samsung (EF9603/WSF100)-LG (BL9808/BL9303)-General Electric (GXRTQR), Delivered with 2 clamp collars. 1 0
481231018989 USK009 Image UNIVERSAL US WATER FILTER KIT Designed to fi t most brands and very easy to install. Reduces chlorine content, unpleasant smells and water impurities. Contains a fi lter head, one cartridge (to be replaced every 6 months),1 wall bracket with 4 screws,6m of pipe, 2 connectors and 3 Speedfit fittings. 1 15

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