Whirlpool Europe C.S. Export Division

Whirlpool Europe C.S. Export Division

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The intent of this website is to provide a complete overview of all the businesses provided trough Whirlpool customer service Export division (Africa, Middle east , near east , Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, Madagascar, Mauritania, Australia, Cameroon.

This website is basically addressed to importer for home appliances, spare parts dealer, wholesalers, dealer of professional appliances.

Here below I would like to list all the non core products Whirlpool can offer.

Spare Parts

Traditional Spares for Whirlpool appliances

Commercial spare parts (MDA, HVACR) like pumps, compressors (Embraco, ACC), Condensing unit Gas bottles Refrigerant Gas Naked copper tubes Motors Electrolytic capacitors Pressostats Pre-insulates copper tubes, Air conditioners Solenoid valves Expansion valves Molecular dryers Moisture & liquid indicators Rotary compressors Thermostats pumps Electronic controller, Belts , Evaporators , Carbon brushes , Hot plates ,Bearings , Thermostats , Electrovalves.

Accessories and consumables. Whirlpool and Wpro branded. Like cleaning products, filters, hoods filters, water filters, products for home appliances maintenance, gas hoses, lamps, vacuum bags, vacuum cleaners bags.

Water treatment products: water dispenser, water purifier, counter top, under the sink, softeners, pitcher, reverses osmosis, anti lime, anti limescale, POU, POE, anti sediment.

Professional appliances: complete range of professional appliances and semiprofessional machines. Whirlpool is looking for official importer for these machines. Whirlpool deals with importer but also with projects and chief cook.


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