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• Excellent cleaning results: Degrease your dishes perfectly without damaging them. Removes even hard to shift deposits.

• Rinse aid: Your dishes are left sparkling and gleaming.

• Salt function: Removes limescale deposits on your dishes.

• Glass protection: Prevents glass corrosion. Leaves glasses and cutlery sparkling.

• Anti limescale function: Prevents limescale build up in your machine and prevents water droplets forming on your cutlery and other stainless steel items.

• Efficient at 40°C & eco program: Excellent cleaning results with minimum water and electricity consumption. Don't use a short program.

• Practical: The water soluble pouch helps to avoid any contact with the skin and reduces the need for wasteful extra packaging.


1) Place one tablet without unwrapping it in the dishwasher dispenser (use dry hands only). Place the tablet just before starting the wash cycle.
2) Set the dishwasher to the desired cycle and don't use a short program. Do not wash the following items : wood, aluminium, crystal, hand-painted porcelain & items with silver or gold decoration.
3) If you live in an area with hard water (> 35°F), we recommend adding dishwasher salt & rinse aid.

For more efficiency a full range of Dishwashing Products is also available

The range offers all in one tabs that are efficient also at low temperature, long lasting deodorizer with fresh fragrances, degreaser and descaler in liquid and powder to keep performance of the dishwasher at peek and Prolong life of the appliance.

Product effectiveness has been tested and approved by Whirlpool, Baucknecht, Laden, Maytag, Polar, Ignis, KitchenAid

POWERPRO is a full range of detergents and additives completely dedicated to dishwashing

  • Laundry Heavy Duty
  • Support Cabinets
  • Vertical Ovens
  • Ice Makers
  • Door Glass
  • Pizza oven
  • Under the spotlight
Support cabinet

Whirlpool SmartCook Pizza Oven
  • is a revolutionary Convection oven with 3 levels, electronic controls for temperatures up to 450° and two fan motors for uniform fast cooking.
  • It is an innovative and unique solution that allows the cooking of a pizza in 90 seconds with the appearance and taste normally only achieved in a wood fired oven.
  • When not used as a pizza oven, it turns back into a conventional oven to always achieve perfect cooking results.

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